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In September 2007 AutoPot Watering Systems launched a new idea called “Little Growers“, the idea being to help educate children, while having fun, in the way that our food grows. A government supported and funded (not-for-profit/charity) project, AutoPot had selected a series of schools from around the UK to launch the idea for 2008 and the success was overwhelming, with over 200 schools across the UK taking part.

Responsible for the design of the Little Growers brand identity, I worked with AutoPot to create a solid concept for the foundation of the new platform, before building, launching and helping to maintain, evolve and nurture the development and the Little Growers website, a powerful social and learning platform for schools and their students.

Built upon the powerful and scalable and open-source Joomla CMS and extended with the JomSocial extension, bespoke template and plugin developments were implemented, bringing to life the new social hub for schools that would allow for an amazingly fun, engaging and education community with a interactive features from, messaging between schools, earning of ‘chilli’ points per student for new diary posts/contributions and much more.

Following a great success with the project, it wasn’t long before Little Growers seed-packs could be found in local Co-Operative supermarkets, a product in partnership with Unwins Seeds and an extension to the the powerful on-going campaign and effort by the AutoPot/Little Growers team.


Little Growers


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