Heathrow Secure Parking

Project Info

A popular and sought after Meet and Greet airport parking service, Heathrow Secure Parking required a clean and user-friendly website, offering visitors and potential clients the ability to easily obtain a quote and make bookings whilst also offering a management system with bespoke notification emails and support for push messaging.

Heathrow Secure Parking, however, had not yet established their brand’s visual identity, which would be implemented across all deliverables from the new website and bespoke email templates to company documents and more. This was to be clean and encorporate a vector plane, the brand name or potentially an abbreviation as ‘HSP’, along with the use of a particular shade of blue chosen as the signatory brand colour.
Working together with the client on concepts for the new visual identity, we soon cane to a decision towards a final design.

The new brand identity ready, we got to work on the new website, carrying through the brand colours and implementing bespoke design and functionality towards a great customer-facing website and service.



Heathrow Secure Parking


Design / Web