Fieldhouse Counselling

Project Info

A qualified and professional councillor, Jessica Nicolson wanted to create a new visual brand identity and website to represent the company, Field House Counselling, under which she operated. The concept was to offer information about her professional background, the services she offered and provide an interactive point of contact with feedback.

Commencing the project with design concepts for the new brand identity, the approach was to incorporate the company name clearly with clean typography and
in context with the company name, Field House Counselling, use green as the brand’s primary colour and depict a characteristic tree in the design.


The new brand identity complete, work began on the development of a theme for the WordPress platform, ideal for the nature and size of this project. Carrying through the brands new identity and working towards a clean user experience, development included a contact form with branded HTML emails and integration with social media.


Fieldhouse Counselling


Design / Web