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Warrior Arts

Into 2018 and chief instructor, Dave V, felt the interest and success of the club warranted the approach towards a new website with a fresh look, feel and branding, along with custom development and functionality to allow for online shopping, restricted membership-based areas and content for students and medical professionals, social integration, eMarketing, event management and more.

Dave Verma MSc

Having worked as a Corporate Lead on public sector fraud for over 25 years, lectured at the prestigious detective training school at Hendon for 11 years and a trainer for the Chartered Institute of Public Finance, where he delivers accredited courses on Procurement Fraud, Risk and Fraud Management and the highly acclaimed Accredited Counter Fraud Technician Qualification, Dave got in touch to discuss a project he wanted our assistance with, to develop and launch a simple and central point of information for the current and forthcoming events in schedule.

Coworth Homes

Delivering high-quality housing solutions and specialising in both outstanding new builds and tasteful conversions, as well as long-term investment projects, we worked closely with a digital marketing agency to deliver a bespoke WordPress website, with custom theme development.

Ghana Geophysical

Specialists in a range of areas in the context of geophysical studies and services, the team at Ghana Geophysics wanted to reach a wide audience and offer a wealth of easily accessible information surrounding the company, their knowledge and areas of expertise.

Aleeza Rosenberg

A registered dietitian offering evidence-based nutritional services to individuals and corporate clients, Aleeza reached out to Biglook for assistance with creating and establishing a new brand identity, along with clean and professional, strong web presence offering the ability to make contact and/or request consultations.

Ultimate Dad Transformation

Ultimate Dad Transformation offers subscription-based membership to an exclusive Facebook community that supports, lifts and inspires to get the body, health, fitness and life desired.

Founded by the award winning personal trainer and former fitness ambassador for USN,  we helped realize the concept with custom WordPress development driving a powerful membership-based website in 2016 which has seen great success and growing number of a number of clients to date. 

Complete Agent

Enabling estate agents to future-proof their businesses, Biglook worked with a digital marketing agency to provide custom WordPress theme development.

IMO Mobile

Custom WordPress theme development in collaboration with a digital marketing agency.

Verve Connect

A manufacturer specialising in mobile connectivity and media entertainment devices, we worked closely in collaboration with a digital marketing agency to provide custom WordPress development.

West London English School

An existing website in place and representing them well, WLES decided it was a good time to revamp the design and approach, with a view to bringing a fresh look and feel to the site and ensuring that the wealth of information they offered was easily accessible through a clean user interface and journey, along with responsive design implementation to ensure maximum reach and engagement.

Taking their existing brand colours, a customised theme was developed and the existing site was migrated to a CMS system, allowing for easy management.


A new business startup for 2015, BrandPax approached me with their new brand identity and required a new website/online presence to represent the brand and provide an engaging platform offering information about the services offered.

Taking the existing brand colours and identity, a custom a theme and supporting plugins were developed, with interactive forms, contextual image use and fully responsive implementation to ensure support for a multitude of devices.

Built upon the powerful and scalable WordPress platform, the new website was designed to allow for simple management of content, without the need for technical know-how or any general requirement for the intervention of a Web Developer.

A platform for Hip Hop culture worldwide, was established in 2009 as a central source for exclusive and latest music and video content from upcoming artists.
Approaching Biglook for the design of the brand’s new identity and supporting artwork for social media use and development of a heavily bespoke website, we worked closely with the team to deliver a fully-featured, functional and brand-focused video streaming platform, which grew to become a recognised brand and key player in the digital landscape.
The project later evolved with a huge YouTube following and the brand’s success continues.

Dab Life

Established in 2017, Dab Life approached Biglook to assist with the design of a new brand identity and new website/online shopping platform for their new business.
Offering a wealth of information, products and more for 420 enthusiasts, we worked closely to deliver the brand identity that would be carried through the new website to follow, whilst also being featured prominently upon products and used across social media.

Davey Tennis

A professional Tennis coach catering for all levels, from beginners to advanced, Giles approached us back in 2010 to assist with the design of the new brand identity, along with a new website providing access to a wealth of information about his services.
Working with all age groups and offering group sessions or one-to-one coaching, the website later evolved further to incorporate a small online shop, offering a range of Tennis products and accessories and the brand took to Facebook to achieve greater reach and drive new interest and business.


Offering critical automation services for the business sector, we worked closely in collaboration with a digital marketing agency to provide custom WordPress development for the new website back in 2015.

Heathrow Secure Parking

A popular and sought after Meet and Greet airport parking service, Heathrow Secure Parking required a clean and user-friendly website, offering visitors and potential clients the ability to easily obtain a quote and make bookings whilst also offering a management system with bespoke notification emails and support for push messaging.

Heathrow Secure Parking, however, had not yet established their brand’s visual identity, which would be implemented across all deliverables from the new website and bespoke email templates to company documents and more. This was to be clean and encorporate a vector plane, the brand name or potentially an abbreviation as ‘HSP’, along with the use of a particular shade of blue chosen as the signatory brand colour.
Working together with the client on concepts for the new visual identity, we soon cane to a decision towards a final design.

The new brand identity ready, we got to work on the new website, carrying through the brand colours and implementing bespoke design and functionality towards a great customer-facing website and service.


Little Growers

In September 2007 AutoPot Watering Systems launched a new idea called “Little Growers“, the idea being to help educate children, while having fun, in the way that our food grows. A government supported and funded (not-for-profit/charity) project, AutoPot had selected a series of schools from around the UK to launch the idea for 2008 and the success was overwhelming, with over 200 schools across the UK taking part.

Responsible for the design of the Little Growers brand identity, I worked with AutoPot to create a solid concept for the foundation of the new platform, before building, launching and helping to maintain, evolve and nurture the development and the Little Growers website, a powerful social and learning platform for schools and their students.

Built upon the powerful and scalable and open-source Joomla CMS and extended with the JomSocial extension, bespoke template and plugin developments were implemented, bringing to life the new social hub for schools that would allow for an amazingly fun, engaging and education community with a interactive features from, messaging between schools, earning of ‘chilli’ points per student for new diary posts/contributions and much more.

Following a great success with the project, it wasn’t long before Little Growers seed-packs could be found in local Co-Operative supermarkets, a product in partnership with Unwins Seeds and an extension to the the powerful on-going campaign and effort by the AutoPot/Little Growers team.

Mirabel Stuart (Actress)

Establishing her place in the film industry, young and talanted British actress, Mirabel Stuart felt the time was right to establish an online presence, where her biography, work, credits, photography could be featured, along with contact/agent information and interactive forms/emails.

A clean and simple bespoke theme was developed for the new website, the core approach and concept being to include large-scale photography and build for for all devices with responsive design. Integrated with social media, the site was built upon the popular and scalable WordPress framework, allowing for simple and quick management of content and the site was a success, launching with great interest and feedback.

Robert Toretto – Actor

Following a move into to the acting scene, British actor, Robert Toretto required a new brand identity and website presence to showcase his portfolio, latest work and provide agent/contact information.

Robert wanted the brand identity be of a clean and simple approach with use of his chosen brand colours. The new website was then built, encompassing the brand colours and identity in a vcard-style website powered by the popular and scalable WordPress platform and integrated with social media networks.

Tag Construction

An established building contractor and facilities management firm, TAG Construction felt it was time to revamp their existing website towards a modern look and feel.

Encorporating the brands existing visual identity and colour scheme, a new CMS driven website was built, complete with interactive features, animation and visual effects, social integration, dynamic forms with bespoke HTML emails and more.

Templarii Associates

Newly established firm, Templarii Associates, required a minimal web presence, providing access to information about the specialist services offered and a method of establishing contact.

I came up with clean and simple theme design, built for the WordPress site, with features including easy management of site content, use of brand typography and an interactive contact form with bespoke HTML emails.

SC Trainer

As one of the most successful Personal Trainers in the UK, recognised as fitness ambassador of USN, and having worked in an established Harley Street Medical Clinic as a Fitness Expert, Stefano Chiriaco was determined to set an example and raise the standard of Personal Training through SC Trainer, providing innovative and superior training methods within gyms and peoples homes.

Taking the existing SCTrainer brand and website, Stefano wanted the ability to make changes to content, integrate with social media networks, have new dynamic contact forms with bespoke HTML emails and allow for potentially extending the site with the launch of an eCommerce area, selling a range of training packages.

The new website was developed upon the powerful and scalable open-source Joomla platform, allowing for a modular building style and implementation of extended features through plugins and custom development, including a new eCommerce platform, powered by the open source Virtuemart extension.

Following a successful relaunch of the website, Stefano continued to receive great interest, new client opportunities and great feedback, the result of a beautifully delivered product.


A division of K3 Business Technology Group PLC dedicated to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM across industries, with a focus on the manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors, I was asked to assist with the development of the new K3crm website and online presence to represent their brand and showcase their services and offerings.

Working with their existing visual brand identity, along with artwork provided by a design and maketing agency for the design of the new website, I was asked to build a new custom theme and take on development and integration of this within the popular and scalable WordPress platform, allowing for simple content management by the client and scalability in the long-term.

Designed and built to a responsive standard to function beautifully across all devices, the website included features such as social integration, dynamic content sliders and interactive forms with bespoke HTML emails.

HootSuite Cannes Lions

Inline with a forthcoming conference in the months ahead, HootSuite required an event landing/registration page to be built, offering an interactive form with submissions to a database and the ability to manage and export all registration data to CSV format via a simple but secure administration interface.

Working with the existing visual brand identity and artwork provided by a digital agency, the new responsive event registration page was built and deployed for the duration of the registration period and was a great success, following great interest and uptake and a great overall event.

Fieldhouse Counselling

A qualified and professional councillor, Jessica Nicolson wanted to create a new visual brand identity and website to represent the company, Field House Counselling, under which she operated. The concept was to offer information about her professional background, the services she offered and provide an interactive point of contact with feedback.

Commencing the project with design concepts for the new brand identity, the approach was to incorporate the company name clearly with clean typography and
in context with the company name, Field House Counselling, use green as the brand’s primary colour and depict a characteristic tree in the design.


The new brand identity complete, work began on the development of a theme for the WordPress platform, ideal for the nature and size of this project. Carrying through the brands new identity and working towards a clean user experience, development included a contact form with branded HTML emails and integration with social media.

Crestron 2014K Conference Event

Sorry, project overview/detail is not currently available – Coming soon…

AutoPot Watering Systems

Sorry, project overview/detail is not currently available – Coming soon…

MS Power

Sorry, project overview/detail is not currently available – Coming soon…

Syon Park

A well established and recognised establishment, Syon Park decided it was time to refresh and bring to life the existing website with a completely new visual design that was to complement a great new approach towards user journey, experience and access to the wealth of information available.

Artwork and direction provided by a digital marketing agency, the new website was developed upon the WordPress framework, with a bespoke theme, custom plugin development, interactive forms and a fully responsive build.